Dad's & DaughtersThe Southern New Hampshire Indian Pathfinder organization is a Father/Daughter organization that is open to all the Dads and Daughters in the Southern NH area. The Indian Pathfinders are different from scouting, sports teams, and many other activities because it is specifically intended to be a father and daughter organization. Fathers and daughters around the Southern NH area join the program because they want to spend more time together. Ultimately,the goal of our organization is to dedicate time for Dads and Daughters.

The Southern Indian Pathfinders participate in activities that hold Native American values like love, honesty, and trust. We take all the members from our "Pathfinder Nation" and divide them into age appropriate tribes to participate in monthly activities, In addition to the tribe activities, there are a number of "Nation" events throughout the year. The cost of Nation events are subsidized by Pathfinders to ensure all Dads and Daughters can participate. The premiere events are the Spring and Fall Camp-outs at Camp Cody in Freedom, NH. If interested, the calendar on our website lists more events with more details.

From a parent's perspective, this program gives you, as a father, the chance to bond with your child on many levels. The Indian Pathfinders want to make sure that fathers and daughters form a bond that will last a lifetime. As your child interacts with you and the rest of the group, she will be learning how to have fun, how to speak up for herself, and what it's like to have a strong sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, these experiences create a strong
father-daughter relationship that consists of open and honest communication. From a daughter's perspective, there is an opportunity to have a wide circle of friends, to get a sense of identity, and belonging in today's world of small families.

We invite you and our daughters to join us as Pathfinders. To get more information about getting involved in the Southern Indian Pathfinders, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.