Why a fund raiser?

Each year the Indian Pathfinders hold their annual fundraiser in the beginning on March.The success of this fundraiser is vital to the organization.

The typical fundraiser is held at the Yard Banquet facility in Manchester, NH. The event is a silent auction / comedy night. Silent auction items are donated from various businesses throughout the New England area. 

The funds generated from the fundraiser go to support nation activities, subsidize nation events, subsidize dues and pay for administrative costs like liability insurance, website, awards, etc. The alternative would be to have much higher member dues and higher (per person cost) of nation event. Example: Instead of camping being $75, it would be $150. Higher membership dues would significantly impact the ability to recruit new members.

Each member is encouraged to become involved in part of the fundraising effort. There are numerous tasks that need to be performed to make sure the event is enjoyed by all who attend. As you attend Nation or Tribe events throughout the year please try to think of way you can help provide support to the annual fundraiser. A little support from each member will ensure a successful and stress-free event.